The following standards have been produced to ensure Female Focus is as safe as possible for patients and staff. These standards of operating practice have been produced in line with guidelines issued by the Government, Public Health England (PHE), The Department of Health (DoH) Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP).

These guidelines will be reviewed regularly as advice changes. 

Guidelines for the patient:

  • If a patient develops symptoms of covid-19 when they are due to have an appointment, they should ideally carry out a lateral flow test. If positive, they should cancel their appointment at the clinic. There will be no cancellation fee in this situation.
  • If a patient has covid-19 symptoms but has no access to a lateral flow test, they should still cancel their appointment at the clinic. There will be no cancellation fee in this instance.
  • If a patient is covid-19 positive or they suspect they are positive (in the absence of a test), the patient should wait at least 5 days before attending the clinic for a face-to-face appointment.
  • Patients can decide themselves as to whether they wear a mask or not during their physiotherapy appointment.
  • Anyone who enters the clinic should wash their hands / use sanitizer.

Guidelines for the physiotherapist:

  • The physiotherapist will take regular lateral flow tests to check for the virus.
  • The physiotherapist will not attend the clinic / carry out any face-to-face consultations if she is covid-19 positive.
  • The physiotherapist will risk assess the need for PPE at the appointment. She will consider the use of non-latex gloves, IIR facemask, visor, apron as deemed appropriate.
  • If any patient would prefer the physiotherapist to be wearing a mask, the physiotherapist will gladly wear one for the duration of the appointment.

PPE Waste Management:

  • As per guidelines, all PPE waste will be disposed of in a normal black bin bag.
  • This will be double bagged and left for 72 hours before disposal in normal waste.

Cleaning & Infection Control:

  • A thorough clean will be carried out at the end of each working day.
  • The clinic will be cleaned between each patient. Disinfecting spray will be used to wipe down surfaces that may have been touched by the patient or physiotherapist.


  • Patients can book a face-to-face appointment or virtual appointment on the Female Focus website.
  • If a patient has booked a face-to-face appointment, they will receive a Pre-Assessment Form prior to their first appointment at the clinic. As well as gathering a history, covid-19 screening and triage questions will be included.
  • Upon receipt of the completed form, the physiotherapist will review the patients’ medical history and covid-19 status.
  • If there are any issues / barriers to a face-to-face appointment, the physio will make a telephone call to the patient and discuss this in more detail.
  • The patient and physio will then make a joint decision on whether the face-to-face appointment should go ahead.

Written by Barbara Chesworth 

For and on behalf of Female Focus Ltd
September 2022