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Female Focus…. “Helping you regain control and confidence”

At Female Focus you can expect to receive expert assessment, treatment and advice from a Specialist Women’s Health Physiotherapist. I feel extremely passionate about what I do, and I work to empower patients to regain control of their bodies.

I established Female Focus in August 2018 after spending 15 years in the NHS. Although our NHS is a wonderful and unique institution, there are limits to what it can provide and I felt frustrated that I couldn’t provide the level of service that all women should have access to. This ultimately sparked the inspiration for Female Focus.

Babs Chesworth from Female Focus Clinic

Why do women need help?

Women are often provided with little or no information about the effects of childbirth on their bodies. More often than not, the baby receives all the attention and the mum can be neglected (and she can feel guilty for feeling this way). I have heard of many examples of healthcare professionals normalising problems that mums may be having, such as incontinence and/or split abdominals.

These problems can have a huge physical and mental impact on women and worryingly can be a trigger for post-natal depression. I believe that every woman should have an assessment with a Specialist Physiotherapist within a few weeks of childbirth. Interestingly, this service is automatically offered to all women in France following childbirth and they are also given the option for follow up appointments and treatment. Given the well-publicised cutbacks in our NHS, it is difficult to see how this service will ever be a routine part of postnatal care for women in the U.K.

It is not just women that have had a baby that can develop pelvic floor problems. It can affect women of any age. Pelvic floor problems often affect older women whose problems in later life may be prevented or reduced if they were given the right information in their younger years. Females are also beginning to take part in really intense forms of exercise. I am a big advocate of exercise for both the physical and mental benefits that it brings. It is great to see more and more women doing weightlifting, CrossFit, HITT training and many other various forms of exercise. However, it is also becoming increasingly common for women to experience incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse associated with exercise. Whilst commonplace, this is not normal and is in many cases treatable.

It is frustrating that some Women’s Health Physiotherapists give intense exercise a bad press. I often hear about physiotherapists having told their patients to stop doing the exercise that they love to ‘save their pelvic floor’. Here at Female Focus, I will not tell you to stop doing something that you love.  I will ‘meet you there’ and will try my best to enable you to continue with your exercise of choice whilst carefully considering your pelvic floor.

Female Focus Clinic Teaching

Lets Talk About It

Unfortunately, many women suffer in silence (sometimes for years) and often are not even aware that help is available. I am passionate about what I do, and I find it really frustrating that so many women put up with problems that specialist physiotherapy treatment could resolve. It seems to be such a taboo subject and often women are too embarrassed to talk openly about their problems, and so they remain unreported and untreated. I want to change this. I understand the impact that these issues can have on patients both physically and emotionally. I understand how distressing talking about some of these problems can be.

I am experienced in dealing sensitively with patients, putting them at ease, in the comfort of a private clinic setting or their own home. In this way patients can feel confident enough to talk openly about their problems, knowing everything they say will remain strictly confidential. I work to empower my patients to regain control of their bodies and their confidence. It gives me immense satisfaction when patients report significant improvements, if not complete cure from their problems.

If you are not sure if you need treatment, please just drop me an email babs@femalefocusclinic.co.uk or give me a call 07793117043 for a free telephone consultation to see how Female Focus might be able to help you.

Our Clinic Location

Female Focus is based in the tranquil and beautiful Yew Tree Wellness in Alderley Edge. Alternatively, some patients prefer to be seen at home in the comfort of their own surroundings. You can choose where you would like your appointment to be.

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My name is Barbara Chesworth (but most people call me Babs). I am originally from County Down in Northern Ireland. I moved...